Friday, April 1, 2011

interior design

                     Modern Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Design

     The main feature of modern interior design is a detail - an emphasis on some things, whether it's furniture, accessories or anything else. In the modern interior looks great writing on the wall niches and ceiling lamps. Nice if the wall is a Japanese graphic. In the niche, you can place a simple, but very harmonious tone bouquet of red, yellow, pink, and orange. Modern Interior is required to have three main components: space, air and light. First of all, is the number of pastel colors: from red-brown on the trees to light in milk decor elements. Tables, chairs and sofas, covered with yellow cloth body - a good idea in a modern interior.

Remember that modern interior interior should have a short, anything that dissolves in itself, eliminate all loud and dramatic. Not for nothing is that often in this style made ​​out of young people, the modern, contemporary people who seek the ultimate in comfort with the shortest route. And since the discovery of Japanese minimalism, we consciously or unconsciously draw our gaze to the east, with the culture of the ancient land of rising sun with a simple, close to the perfection of form, spatial freedom, functionality, mobility and philosophical contemplation.

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