Friday, April 1, 2011

interior design

                       Modern Interior Design Trends For 2011

       The new year has come and the new trend was set fast in all areas of our lives. A good way to start over new year and with a burst of new energy is to change your interior design, but be careful because there are new rules for this year. In 2011 the trends in interior design will be more attention to the family and will show a high interest for conservation and 'vintage', as one of the first priorities will save you money. For them to go very well together bright colors should be used, but at the same time as simple, as a reflection of gold with musk, tomato, or navy blue. One detail that you can not forget is the color and what they symbolize - because they have to show hope and optimism. Spring in nature symbolizes the birth and the colors of spring brings hope. Violet, mandarin orange, yellow and green can be used on the interior of your home.

Vintage: old restored furniture, romantic lines, pieces of wood massive complex, decorative pieces to remind you about the past. This, styles loved by women, vintage pieces means more than 'old', that appreciate and enjoy the pieces from past generations, grandparents and great grandparents. Vintage style, both in clothing and furnishings, involving pieces of the value and quality that remains untouched in time. But make sure that the vintage pieces you have or who you want to buy fits the style throughout your home that you mix with your own.

            Taken from various sources