Monday, January 25, 2010

African Safari Style - Makanyane Safari Lodge

One of my dream places to go on a luxury tour is Africa.  Of course
I'm really going to have to save my pennies because these luxury
lodges are definitely not cheap running at several hundred to several
thousand dollars for one night.  But in the mean time, I can certainly
drool over these fabulous places.  One thing I adore in many of these
lodges are real fireplaces with canopies in the bedroom.

It's a great inspiration for any of you who would love that African safari
style.  This lodge is called Makanyane Safari Lodge and it is located in
the northern part of South Africa.  It consits of a main lodge witih 8
individual suites.

Can you imagine staying in a suite where an
elephant is literally steps away from your room? 

I don't believe I've ever seen an upscale African lodge with a
bed and sheets that do not look like the epitome of comfort.

Love the open concept bathing idea.

Better than many spas.

Even the private decks at this lodge give chances for wild life viewing.

What a way to take afternoon tea.  Count me in for sure!

Or take it from your own deck.

The main lodge.

The wall of branches are so cool.

A small infinite pool with fabulous lounge chairs. 

For lounging with a loved one or reading, this is definitely the spot.

It's so romantic at dusk.  Dusk is one of my favorite parts of the day.

How about a traditional outdoor meal.

What an awesome experience to view the wild
life of Africa from a lounge chair.

Of course you'll get a better view up close and personal on a safari.

Never imagined elephants in a field full of
yellow wild flowers.  It's almost fantastical.

And mother nature is a force - it's fearsome
and awesome at the same time.

If you've ever thought of having an African
styled safari room, hope this has provided
some great inspiration.