Monday, January 11, 2010

Kishani Perera ~ Fabulous L.A. based Interior Designer

Kishani Perera is one of my favorite designers.  She is based out of L.A.  She first caught my attention when I saw the New York Soho apartment that she designed for Molly Sim.  More recently, she worked on this L.A. atelier's home.  I just love the use of vivid colors in her design.  It's difficult to get just the right hue and she did just that here with the walls and the ceiling.  The fun cover on the bed was purchased from Maryam of Marakesh's store.

Nothing makes a room pop like a bunch of fresh flowers.

Kishani has a wonderful sense of not only color, but being
able to blend eclectic styles and vintage furnishings together.

I love the arched window in this home - it lets so much light in.

I had to take a moment to really study this bathroom.  The wallpaper really makes this bathroom a "wow" factor.  It's interesting to see the tiles in small pieces where many times most of us are most accustomed to seeing large format tiles on the floor.

By leaving the ceiling white, the dark
color does not overwhelm this bathroom.

When in fact, it is a gorgeous hue of peacock blue.

Isn't the chandelier just rocking?

Now that is one Huge lamp shade!

Who says the outside shouldn't be just as stylish as the inside. 
Love the organic wood table and especially the very long sofa!

Hope you've enjoyed this home as much as I have. 

All photos are from Kishani Perera's site