Thursday, January 28, 2010

Colonial Mexican Architecture Series - Another Merida, Mexico Gem

I'm afraid I'm in one of my obsessive runs lately with colonial Mexican
architecture.  Since we're (me and my sweetie) planning a trip to
Merida, Mexico to get a feel for the city and to look at properties, I've
been scouring a lot of properties online so we can narrow down properties
we want to look at.  They include properties that are totally finished and
properties that need a lot of work.  I'm showcasing some of the homes that
have really inspired my imagination and hope it will do the same for you.

This home has clear Moroccan/Andalusian influences on it with the
detailing in the arches.  The home is a fantastic blend and comes

I'd have to say that this courtyard is pretty fabulous.  You get a
great centralized view of the entire home and property.  The
home is developed in a "C" shape.

You may wonder why the pool is above ground.  There is a lot
of limestone and bedrock beneath the surface.  If you hit bedrock
while trying to dig a pool, you may as well make an above ground
dipping pool for all the trouble it is to jack hammer bedrock.

Here's that outdoor living space next to the courtyard.

It leads right into one of the 3 bedrooms in the house.

This is the side living area.  The glass doors are really great
so you can open them up completely for outdoor/indoor

Here's a more traditional piece of furniture.  It
makes sense to have all the holes in it to breathe.

A lovely dining space.

The kitchen is gorgeous with a modern twist on the classic
Yucatan kitchen.  The Andalusian influence is very obvious.

Since the rooms are so large, this designer
but two double beds in one room.

This is one of the really unique rooms in this home.  It's a
completely Moroccan styled bathroom - right down to the
sink being smack in the middle of the floor.  I imagine in the
olden times, it was a small fountain that was used to wash.

Upstairs next to the balcony is a room that
serves as an office or an extra guest bedroom.

A nice little washing area next to it.

They either had this piece custom built or they
got really lucky in fitting it into this nook!

I love the little lanterns strung across canopy made of
branches.  The branches are perfect to provide some
shade while still letting light through and the lanterns are
perfect for ambience at night.

A view from above.

So what do you think of this home?  What do you think
of having a courtyard in a home?  I personally love the
idea of a courtyard.