Monday, January 4, 2010

A Luxe and Otherworldly Moroccan Boutique Hotel in Marrakech - Part I (the Property)

I recently discovered this gorgeous Moroccan Boutique Hotel in Marrakech
that has been renovated to perfection.  This property is located in the old
town of Marrakech and was originally owned by a wealthy merchant.  The
developer took two Riads (traditional Arab home with an interior world
built around a courtyard with fruit trees and a fountain) and worked with
an architect to create this astounding boutique hotel.  The hotel is called
Dar Les Cigognes and it boasts 11 guest rooms and suites which are all
decorated differently and beautifully designed.

When viewing the images of this property, I totally fell in love with
all of the details and the authenticity of the place.  You can tell the
developers really put in a lot of care and attention to detail with the
architect to create this place.  You definitely feel as if you're in a
different world.

The lighting in this image is absolutely perfect to showcase this fountain.

The hotel boasts a hamman as well. 
This is the entrance to the hamman.

Here you can see the same fountain by night.

The courtyard is brilliantly lit with lamps and moroccan lanterns by night.

You can see the incredible detail and workmanship.  It's just amazing.

The rooftop deck is not forgotten and gorgeous views can be seen from there.

A gorgeous lounging area to have mint tea.  Stay tuned for the second post
on this property which will feature all of the rooms.  You won't be

All images from Dar Les Cignognes