Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Luxe and Otherworldly Moroccan Boutique Hotel in Marrakech - Part II (the Rooms)

This, ladies and gentleman is a dream spa room for me.  The tall ceilings to
the architectural details, perfect lighting and the fun designs on the wall
from  the lantern all contribute to make this space peaceful and beautiful.
This is a continuation from Monday's article on the gorgeous boutique hotel
Dar Les Cigognes in Marrakech, Morocco.

Each of their 11 rooms are decorated differently and beautifully.  This
is the silver room.  The details on the ceiling are just gorgeous.

The  bathroom is not huge but it is luxurious and very well designed.  The bathtub looks to be made entirely from concrete - oh the things you can do with concrete are just amazing.  There are arches everywhere.

The lines and furniture in the room marry traditional moroccan decor with modern furnishings and clean lines.  It's just fantastic - especially the fireplace design!

This is the Harem Suite and named appropriately so in this sinly and decadent crimson color.  I love it!

Totally fell in love with this room as soon as I laid eyes on this image.  This is the Safari suite and the shade of green is just perfection.  It's really hard to get that perfect shade and the designers managed to get it just right.

This is Safari deluxe room.  The room is simply decorated -- but it is just perfect.  Not too much and too minimalistic.

Gorgeous wood beams with a berber carpet really make this a luxuriously rustic space.

A traditional Berber styled lounging area.

The Library

Last but not least is the dining room with a gorgeous chandelier.

What ambinence the dining room has at night.

If you love Moroccan design as much as I do, check out these two books.  I have several books on Moroccan design and am buying more!

I hope you enjoyed "eyeing" this hotel as much as I did.  I'd love to stay there some day.  If you love all things Morocco, Maryam of My Marrakesh is THE blog to check out.

Photos from Dar Les Cigognes