Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend announcements

Following my friend Brooke at the Velvet and Linen blog, I will not write a long post today, but I will spend some time praying for the people of Haiti, the victims of the disaster.
I hope you will all light a candle for those people.

So only a few things to announce today.

I want to introduce you to a new blog Monc13. The author is Natasha Esch, an interior designer from Los Angeles, and a friend of me. I met Natasha in Belgium the past year. Yes through blogging!!
Natasha's blog is about lifestyle, family, travel, food, design and the pursuit of the good life.
You really would do me a favour visiting Natasha at

Natasha and me in Brussels (November 2009)

Another beautiful blog that I discovered is The Essence of The Good Life.
It is a Scandinavian blog with gorgeous, inspirational pictures of interior design.

Image : The Essence of The Good Life blog

And the last announcement is an invitation to all of you to visit the blog of Gwen Driscoll,
She will do her "Week in White" next week, on which she worked hard and she promised that we all go to love it!
Gwen, here we come!!!

Image: Ragland Hill Social blog

Have a nice weekend and don't forget the people of Haiti.