Thursday, January 14, 2010

World's Most Astounding and Beautiful Book Stores Series ~ Argentina - El Ateneo (Grand Splendid)

This looks like one of those fantastical renderings doesn't it? 
A place that just doesn't seem real...I've got news, this is a real
book store in Buenos Aires, Argentina called El Ataneo
(Grand Splendid.)  The 1919 building used to be a theater and
was repurposed as a book store.  Absolutely splendid isn't it?

Here's a fisheye view of the whole theater and the different floors.

Just stunning.

The ceiling and light fixtures are all super gorgeous. 
Talk about amazing latin american colonial architecture.

More details.  This photo from Guslight on Flickr.

The stage area is now used as a cafe and hang out place.

Great ambience.

Here's the front of the  bookstore.  Wouldn't this be
a fantastic place to spend an afternoon?

Photos from Flickr