Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Impressions of Maison & Objet and blogger "meet and greet"

Although I am back home from Saturday night, I really did not found the time to post about our trip to Paris for the Maison & Objet exhibition.
It was a very nice but exhausted visit.
I have taken a lot of pictures but I will show you here some impressions of Maison & Objet and a few of my favorite pictures.
There were so many items to discover as table wear and table linen, bedlinen, fabrics,...but I have to say that I was in particular interested in furniture and lighting companies.
I hope you will enjoy this little tour!
At the entrance, beautiful coloured presentations of Maison Hermès!

This picture speaks for itself!

Exquisite "pièces d'orient" at Nadia Lazibi , France.
(no website)

Nadia Lazibi

Solid exotic wooden tables at Lysimport.

Yummy yummy!!!

I can't remember the name of this company!

Again wonderful wooden furniture and artwork at Jerome Abel.

Socles made of wooden trunks.

I loved the presentation of the lighting at the entrance from the JNL stand.
JNL is a Belgian luxury furniture company.



Again a company of which I can't find the name anymore, but I loved the combination of black and orange throughout their stand.

Again a anonymous picture of a beautiful chandelier.

Burlap at Chehoma.


Beautiful facade detail of the House of Porters.

Impression of Scapa Home.

Entrance of the Ralph Lauren stand.
You know that I wrote about the blogger "Paris meet and greet" in my previous post!
Well, a few of us met in the Hotel Duo Bar in Paris!
This was the place to be....

....and here we are!!!
From the right to the left : Maryanne Flaherty (Texas) of Beadbourdupcountry blog ,
Tracey Leeson (Australia) of Porchlight Interiors blog ,
Peter (husband of Maryanne), Amanda Harris (Australia) of Oliveaux blog,
Haley Leeson (sister of Tracey) and me.

Maryanne and me

Amanda and me

Tracey and me

Haley and me

My husband Jan in a good conversation with Peter!

It was so nice meeting Maryanne, Peter, Amanda, Tracey and Haley. We talked a lot and learned to know eachother better!
I am so thankful that they all did an effort to meet us there!!
So a few cocktails and glasses of Champagne later, we kissed good bye and went to our hotel room because we were all tired of walking around at Maison & Objet during the day.

Hotel Le Tourville
This is the hotel where we (Jan and me) stayed.
We haven't seen a lot of Paris itself of course, but driving from the Maison & Objet exhibition to the hotel, who was situated in the heart of Paris, we had a beautiful sightseeing of Paris.
I hope that I inspired you to visit Maison & Objet in September!
All images by me (except the one of the Hotel Duo Bar website).