Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Mediterranean dream house

Today I want to share with you some pictures of a beautiful house at Majorca, the largest island of Spain.
This is the house of my dreams! If I ever should have a house in one of the Mediterranean countries, than I certainly would decorate it in the style of the interior of this gorgeous house!
The wall paint, the fabric of the sofas and the curtains are all chosen in a range of white tones. That gives the interior a feeling of serenity without being cold.
A beautiful mix of funiture and decoration pieces without cluttering.

The porch of the house.

I love these Mediterranean styled houses.

Would you like to join me for dinner?

And what a view!!

The mantelpiece of the sitting room is just gorgeous!

The coffee table, the seagrass carpet, the wicker chair are very well chosen!

A combination of white linen slipcovered sofas and wicker chairs.
Curtains in a linen fabric.

Notice the painted French cabinet.

The view towards the dining room.

Dining room and kitchen in the same area.

Slipcovered chairs at a contemporary styled table.

Dressing corner with a the louvre doors.


Beamed ceiling in the bedroom.
Notice that beautiful mirror in the background!

What do you think of this house? Is it also your dreamhouse ?
Images : El Mueble, ano XLV N.571, Photographer :A. Fernandez