Saturday, January 2, 2010

How did you start this New Year?

On the first day of this new year my husband's daughter Nele and her husband Tom and their children came to visit us!

It is always so nice to have them all around us!

Nele, Tom, Alexa and Tristan.

And of course the New Year's presents could not be missed...

My proud husband with his new born grandson Tristan.

Me and our lovely Alexa.

Alexa loves eating cookies!

Alexa has to read her New Year's letter to my son Anthony because he is her godfather!
Not an easy job to do for her first time!

Anthony and Alexa.


And how did you spent your very first days of the new year?

Daydreaming about the passed year ...

...and thinking about what has to come in 2010?

I certainly did!