Monday, January 4, 2010

A French Château

Domaine de Château Blanc, near Avignon in Provence, is for sale!

It is a Renaissance château with numerous outbuildings (guest houses, staff houses, stables, a barn, a garage) on an island in the Rhône River.

The Château and the five other houses count 17 bedrooms!

The domaine is a 100 hectare estate facing the Papal city of Avignon!

Anyone interested?!

The illuminated entrance.

Coat of arms of the Seigneur de Fogasses.

François de Fogasses built the fortifications of Château Blanc in 1573 to the strict specifications of Charles IX, King of France.

It is remarkable to find a Renaissance château, almost 400 years old, in such a good condition and so little changed from its original construction.

Built in the style of an Italian villa, the château benefits from large and numerous openings that permit the celebrated light of Provence to enter its spacious rooms.

Front view.

Night view.

Front view.

The beautiful entrance.

West view.

A well.

The terrace.

The garden.

The orchards.

The stables.

One of the guest houses.

Guest house stairs.

Guest house hall way.

And now we are stepping into the Château!

The foyer.

One of the sitting areas.

Another living room.

A dining area.

Notice the beautiful floor!

Another view of that dining area.

A beautiful detail of a LVX mantelpiece .

Another sitting area on the second floor.

The powder room.

One of the bedrooms.

Another bedroom.

Bathroom maybe for her!

Another marble bathroom, maybe for him?

A coffered ceiling.

Spiral staircase.

The cellar entrance dated 1627 !

The cellar.

I think that you all are agree with me that the château needs some redo as maybe some new furniture and lighting, repainting,....
Wouldn't you love to get the opportunity to do that? Maybe I would ask Timothy Corrigan to help me with it because Timothy is used to renovate castles in France!
If you want to see or read more about the Château Blanc, please visit the website
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