Friday, January 29, 2010

Inspirational dining rooms

Indeed, I have changed my blog lay-out. I adapted my blog less or more to the lay -out of the website of my company I tried to use the colours of the site in my blog.

Some days ago I was reading an interesting post about 10 tips to create a well designed blog (here). The post was written by Maria Killam at the Colour Me Happy Blog.

Since a few weeks I really wanted to publish larger pictures. My goodness, what a difficult job it was to me!! But in this blogger community there are such a nice people, who are so patient and willing to help! I have to thank Vanessa from the Decor Happy Blog and Julie from the Being Ruby Blog for their support!

I also want to thank my sister-in-law Nathalie to help me with the use of photofilter to create the new header of my blog!

Enough about my blogchange!

Today a post about beautiful, inspirational dining rooms. I am working on a dining room re-do for one of my clients and I was searching for pictures of dining rooms to show my client. Going through my files I stumbled upon some dining rooms of different styles that I wanted to share with you today.

This dining room by John Saladino is one of my favorites.

Foto 1

Beautiful colours for this dining room. And a beautiful chandelier.

Foto 7

No clutter for this contemporary dining room.

Foto 9

Classic furniture in a contemporary area.

Foto 10

A mix of classic and country style. I love the contrast of the dark brown painted walls and the white painted mantelpiece and doors.

Foto 12

Very classic but classy.

Foto 6

Sitting at this dining table makes you feel like a “chatelaine”.

Foto 24

Country style with a Swedish touch.

Foto 5

Solid table and gorgeous lighting.

Foto 15

Love the beach chairs around that table.

Foto 23

Don’t you love the combination of a dining corner and a sitting area in one room?

Foto 11

Royal dining room.

Foto 8

I love these chairs!

Foto 13

Royal dining room again ! This is one of my favorites!

Foto 19

Blue and white in combination with mahogany is always successful.

I always have loved a pair of wall tables placed at each side of a window.

Foto 16

Dining room by N. Haslam.

Foto 21

Not only the design of these chairs but also the colour of the fabric that matches the colour of the paneling, I adore in this room.

Foto 22

Comfortable chairs I guess!

Foto 20

I simply love this dining room.

Have a wonderful weekend!